Part One: I Can’t Hear You You’re Shouting Too Loud

I didn’t actually do a whole lot to use the ghost language I did, it’s just the Roman alphabet shifted three letters to the left with a vowel scramble, the letters D and S each used twice and no U or V.  Okay, plus a really, really loose grammar rule that pronouns become contractions tacked on to the beginning of the following word, but that’s mainly because it became ‘here have all of the consonants’ otherwise.

There’s a full translation under the Read More.

A= X

B= Y

C= J

D= B

E= C

F= D

G= K

H= F

I= H

J= H

K= Q

L= A

M= E

N= L

O= M

P= N

Q= S

R= P

S= I

T= R

U= O

V= T

W= Z

X= D

Y= S

Z= W

So Danny’s lines, in order, are:

"Guys, really, I don’t think this is a good idea!"

"You don’t really know he hasn’t had this problem. For all we know he doesn’t write in English.”

"Oh sure, Tucker can speak freaking Esperanto but not Ghost.  You guys know languages have got to be our one common talent, right?  I mean besides the ghost hunting? What makes either of you think Vlad is going to give us anything we couldn’t have worked out on our own? Damn it!" (Yeah I wrote this part before realising I’d be translating all of it into Ghost)

Vlad. At least names still translate!”

"If I don’t have a choice it would have been faster to go by myself."

"Thanks Sam." (followed by trying to say Sam in English again)

"Sam. Couldn’t say Sam.”


(multiple tries at saying Sam and Tucker in English)

"Tell us how to FIX this!"

Part Two: I Can’t Hear You So Turn The Volume Down

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